Be unique, be tough – be a sarcofan!
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A life without boundaries is boundlessly beautiful.
(Peter Sereinigg)

Made in Germany! All our furniture is made in a furniture factory in Germany. For ecological reasons, we use solid wood from Germany. Our finishing lacquers are certified and completely biologically and environmentally friendly.

All our furniture pieces are made from solid wood. That makes them stable and strong and allows them to handle even great strains. The high-grade hinges are robust and resilient. The bases are made of heavy solid wood, allowing the coffin cabinet to stand absolutely firmly.

Everything has been perfected to the smallest detail. Due to our long-time experience, your custom-built coffin furniture will be constructed with masterly precision.

We use our know-how to fulfil your special wishes.

Because of the unique nature of our manufacturing, we have applied for patent protection for all our furniture!

Do just once what others say you can't do,
and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.
(James R. Cook)

Stylishly wrought facet forms. These make the piece of furniture a real gem. The cabinet looks interesting and exceptional to the beholder.
Fascinating details of interior design combine stability with functionality. Each configuration becomes a distinguished and uniquely designed element.
Stable and shapely hinges allow for inventive opening angles. New perspectives emerge regularly and show the cabinet in a different light over and over again.
The massive base provides a foundation for this elite piece of furniture. Its massive workmanship gives it stability. Using a blunt pyramid as its form adds a special touch to the entire object.